About Libby

Business and Mindset Growth Mentor

My mission is to guide and inspire women like you to build the business of your dreams.

Through practical strategy and effective techniques we create an inspiring success plan, that’s powered by your deep inner wisdom.

The result is a strong and resilient growth mindset and accelerated personal and business growth

Imposter Syndrome has a stranglehold …

Many business owners struggle with being visible. They’re confident about what they do and know that they are able to help others through their skills, experience and knowledge. They’re ambitious and driven, and completely understand the importance of taking care of themselves, but the challenge of pushing through their comfort zone can really hold them back at times.

The result is a scattered approach to their business and unreliable financial results.  They are not fulfilled or satisfied. 

They want more!

That’s why I decided to transition from business strategy, sales and marketing management to becoming an independent business mentor for talented women who want to turn their skills, qualifications, experience and passion into a successful business.

And as a certified mBit (multiple brain) coach I’ll help you to clearly envision your desired outcomes, clear your blocks and unlock your inner wisdom.  So that you can can build your dream business using your highest expressions of creativity, compassion and courage. 

I’ll guide you every step of the way as we blend the practical strategies and systems of business development with positive mindset work, empowering you to take wise and consistent action until you realise your vision.

An entrepreneur works at a laptop on business development project.

Financial independence, freedom, balance, and joy…

I left my corporate life in global sales and marketing because I found the constant travel exhausting and debilitating. I needed a solution that allowed me to continue to do what I loved and felt drawn to do, while leading a life of balance – and so I set up my mentoring business and the POP Business Boutique Membership group. I wanted to help women (like me) overcome the real challenges of building and growing a business. A business that would give them confidence and lead ultimately to financial independence, freedom, balance, and joy!

Despite being an introvert myself I always found a way to reach my career goals. My desire to help others was always a priority, and it allowed me to push through my self-limiting beliefs.
I want to guide other female entrepreneurs to do the same. To make a change for themselves, their family and ultimately the world through their heartfelt mission. To reach their true potential without fear or limits.

I’m a mentor – with a coaching style …

because while having someone by your side to help you make the right decisions about your business is important, you need someone who will help you take the specific steps to reach those decisions.

I understand how suffocating it can be when you struggle with the fear of putting yourself out there. I also know what it feels like to be overwhelmed to the point where you question your self-worth. It can be demoralising and demotivating, and you desperately want to break free.

I help ambitious and creative female entrepreneurs grow their businesses with confidence, in an environment where they can be seen and heard and feel safe.

Group Mentoring and Retreats

An entrepreneur works at a laptop on business development project.

When we work together you need never feel invisible or overwhelmed again…

You can feel safe in the knowledge that you can speak and contribute in a way you’ve never been able to in other groups or memberships. You’ll feel a real sense of belonging, amongst like-minded women who feel the same way and who support each other. You’ll feel empowered to make decisions with sharp focus and clarity, decisions that make your possibilities literally endless.

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