Hi I’m Libby

I help ambitious female business owners to grow their amazing business with confidence, in a way that brings them joy.

Where challenges bring excitement, not fear.

They feel empowered, not overwhelmed.

An entrepreneur works at a laptop on business development project.

I’ll guide you every step of the way…

as you transition from where you are right now to where you want to be – running your dream business.

You’ll lay rock solid foundations, discover how to work in your zone of genius and build a loyal audience of fans who love what you offer and are willing to pay you well for it.

Together we’ll design the business and strategy that give you financial independence and the freedom to do things your way.  Have the confidence to rip up the rule book!

So, why am I so passionate…

about working with creative ambitious business women?

Because I see so much potential and believe that every woman should have the confidence to build a business they love.  I also see that they are held back by limiting beliefs and a lack of confidence.  I want to raise them up, to help them to reach their true potential.

How? We’ll blend and develop a bespoke practical strategy with your inner wisdom and positive mindset, so that you can completely transform your life and business.

Every woman possesses life skills, knowledge and experiences that can be applied to running a business.  I want to help you to realise your true potential.  To be greater than you believed possible.

What do you want?

Group Mentoring

The POP Business Boutique online membership is where female business owners come together to learn how to build and grow their amazing business.  We have a hub of learning resources, regular live workshops and help to clear those mindset blocks that slow down your progress.

In the POP Business Boutique we’re all about support, accountability, learning new skills and techniques, and building your confidence.

Turn your stress into success

One to One

Are you unsure of exactly how to grow your business to the next level? Do you feel that there is never enough time and you’re feeling overwhelmed?

You already possess skills, experience and knowledge.  I’m here to help you to fit them all together into a simple but effective business strategy.  We’ll turn chaos into consistency so that you can be more successful and achieve the results you’ve been dreaming of.

So, let’s turn that energy into money!

        Free          Training

In this free training I’ll help you to take the ideas running through your mind and make them a reality, so that you can get the outcome you’re looking for.

That could mean more income, more impact or launching a new product.
What do YOU want next?

Business retreats

Are you ready to take the steps necessary to bring your vision to life? Form a plan for the future that fires your spirit and excites you. Retreating from the hustle and bustle of every day life and meeting up with likeminded women in business, serious about their personal and business growth.
Uncover what challenges you and what you want to tackle, to open the gates to a higher level of success.

What do people say?…

We were thrilled to have access to Libby and her strong background in sales and marketing. She challenged us to think outside of our comfort zone and beyond the boundaries we had created for ourselves. This helped us to engage our customers better and continue to keep our brand on their minds.

Denver Anderson – Corban Coffee

I decided to go on the residential retreat in January as the 1:1 sessions I have had with Libby have been invaluable, helping me to get organised and overcome overwhelm.

When I went on the retreat I had had to have significant time off from my business due to health issues and was on the brink of giving it up. I thought the retreat would at least help me decide what to do.

It was a fantastic few days!
The venue was lovely and there was such relaxed atmosphere that gave me time to think.
The group sessions with Libby reminded me of my purpose and why I set up my business.

It really gave me my mojo back and the exercises we did helped me make a solid plan to get my business back on track. I learned some great planning techniques which have really helped me to focus on one task at a time and not get overwhelmed.

It was wonderful to have the opportunity to discuss ideas with Libby and the other business owners. I gained some really useful insights from other members of the group which have enabled me to launch my ideas with confidence.

I am looking forward to the next retreat as it is such a valuable experience and a lot of fun too!

Amanda - Style Magic

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