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ELEVATE yourself, your business and each other

ELEVATE Business Club is an inclusive space for women running their own businesses in Tonbridge and the surrounding towns and villages.

It’s all about community, connection and collaboration – with a focus on your well-being.

As women in business, we have a lot of responsibilities to juggle, a lot of plates to spin and a lot of hats to wear.

Running your own business can feel isolating and overwhelming.


There is an answer…

You’re never alone with ELEVATE Business Club in your corner. With a free Facebook community and a Business Club Member’s Lounge to choose from, you’ll get the support, business resources and guidance you need to build and scale your beautiful business.  And there are  in-person events too.  

Does your mood swing from “I can totally do this” to “what have I done?” back to “I’m bloody brilliant at this” and then “I should probably just get a job” all in the space of a day? It can feel overwhelming.

That’s where the group support and monthly meetings come in, because you’re NOT alone!

The Online Community

… is a safe space to, get advice, vent and share experiences. The networking meetings will leave you more skilled and motivated every time. There’s nothing like the buzz of a good meeting to inspire you to take action!

Each Thursday there’s an opportunity to promote your business, and to get to know each other better, form new friendships and build the foundations for future collaborations. Someone will always have an answer to any questions you might have – business or otherwise.

Expert speakers provide insights and knowledge over cake and/or wine. And there’s not an elevator pitch in sight (so no need to feel nervous). Easy going networking, without the need to “work the room” or hand out business cards at supersonic speed. Our meetings are informal but effective. Low key but inspirational, educational and supportive.

An entrepreneur works at a laptop on business development project.

The Membership – for those who know they are made for more!

This is where the magic happens! Where connections lead to personal and business growth.

Community, support, encouragement, friendship, collaborations, inspiration, education – online and in real life.

Help to keep you on track, inspired and safe in the knowledge that this group of women will always have your back. We also co-work in real life and on zoom, go on walks together, discuss books

  • Networking – in-person and online
  • An on-line hub of business support resources
  • Training and talks
  • Co-working – in-person and online
  • Online Support Group
  • Weekly check-ins
  • Accountability
  • Walks

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