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There’s nothing like witnessing the success of people who have taken the leap into entrepreneurship and business ownership.  

To see them live and work authentically.

Working with dream clients and customers.

Having fun while achieving their vision.

I’m so privileged to be a part of their journey

Build and grow your business, doing what you love.

What do you need to do to get the results you’ve been dreaming about? A solid, simple strategy that will take you from where you are now to where you want to be, faster.

But that’s not always easy when you’re working alone.

I’ll be your mentor, accountability partner, teacher and confidant. I’ll take away the overwhelm and keep you focused on the prize so that you can make your ‘one day’ wishes for you and your business a reality.

We’ll focus on the priorities necessary to achieve your chosen goals.

You’ll follow a well thought out action plan. You’ll see rapid results. And I’ll be with you each step of the way.
This is up to 3 Months of Mentoring Just For YOU and YOUR Business

You want to…

  • See consistent, reliable results.
  • Become more productive.
  • Be more organised.
  • Be more focused.


  • Working more hours.
  • Being overwhelmed
  • Feeling restricted.
  • Losing creativity.
It really is achievable. And YOU can do it!

The Investment

Total for 6x one to one mentoring sessions



Total for 10x one to one mentoring sessions


(Save 10%)

(A payment plan is available)


I’d Love To Chat To Libby To See If Mentoring Is a Good Fit For Me And My Business.

Working with Libby came at exactly the right time I needed. I had been feeling very overwhelmed trying to juggle home and work life and felt like I was constantly chasing my tail.

In just a few sessions Libby helped me sort through my priorities and work on my time management. She shared many tips on organising my time and working more productively. We then mapped out an idea of mine and created a clear goal with stepping stones to get me moving towards it. I was reminded again by the huge value of working with a coach. Libby was very motivating and enthusiastic and created good accountability around the actions we agreed together. 

I’m feeling so much clearer and on top of things and am hugely excited about working towards my new goal.

Tansy-Jane Dowman – Her ShiningLight

An entrepreneur works at a laptop on business development project.

Being a business owner requires us to fulfil a range of different roles…

This can pull our focus in different directions and can cause us to become overwhelmed.

When I started my business, I no longer had multiple departments to delegate to, as I had in my previous corporate role as Global Sales and Marketing Manager.

Now it was up to me to do the work solo. To not only ensure that profits increased and my audience grew, but to get the work done. Consistently.

I’m not an organised person by nature…

In fact I was the ditzy one of the family.  That’s what I was told, and it’s what I believed.  I carried that label around for many years.

But as I had climbed the career ladder I realised that this wasn’t who I had to be, I could learn to be organised, focused and target oriented.  I had to lead by example, to teach others and to get results.

This became even more critical when I became an independent business owner and it’s why I help others to do the same.

To focus on developing and growing audience, income and profit.

So, using my experience in sales marketing and business management, I now support ambitious pro-active business owners to build a successful business doing what they love.


I’ve developed a signature system that effectively grows profit and audience consistently.

It’s flexible. It’s effective.

It empowers you to achieve your goals by doing the important stuff that makes a difference.Without feeling overwhelmed.

everything you’re going to get

  • 6x One To One Sessions Taken Over (up to) 3 Months at a Pace That Suits You.
  • Printable Workbooks Of Reusable Resources
  • Recordings of our Sessions Together so That You Can Revisit Them in Your Own Time.
  • Messenger or Email Support so That You Can Ask Me Questions Between Sessions

Are there bonuses? Of course!

  • An Additional Time Management and Scheduling Session to Plan Your Time More Efficiently
  • A pad of 50 easy to remove weekly planners. 



An entrepreneur works at a laptop on business development project.

About the Programme

  • This is a one to one programme designed to give you the steps you need to consistently and reliably grow your business.
  • I’ll mentor you for up to 3 months, long enough to make a real difference, to strengthen your foundations and create a simple but effective strategy, test it and perfect it.
  • Everything I teach can be flexed to the way you learn and work.
  • I support you at every step, in a way that helps you avoid overwhelm and frustration as you learn new skills and techniques.
  • You’ll make decisions, prioritise and take action so that you are in control of your own destiny.

The Investment

Total for 6x one to one mentoring sessions



Total for 10x one to one mentoring sessions


(save 10%)

(A payment plan is available)


I’d Love To Chat To Libby To See If Mentoring Is a Good Fit For Me And My Business.

Hear from past clients…

3 months into my new business journey, I realised I needed some professional guidance on goal setting and general business development.

I had seen Libby in a few groups and after hearing about her work and how others had benefitted, I very quickly knew her one to one mentoring is what I was needing, as I was starting to feel overwhelmed by all the noise going on. Libby takes an approach that really resonates with me through brainstorming and asking questions that helped me realise I had all the answers, I just didn’t know how to implement them.

I would highly recommend anyone in business, whatever stage you are at, to give Libby a call, as you will soon have more clarity on your vision and goals with a clear plan to work towards. Since then, I have signed up to Libby’s membership, which is great to converse with like minded business owners through regular workshops and for accountability. Thank you Libby!! 

Angela Bottger – Virtual Assistant

After 6 months of huge changes in my life and health I am in a position where I need to reorganise how I work. Libby has been really helpful in helping me compartmentalise and organise the different areas of my life and set up a realistic plan of action incorporating all aspects.

I was feeling overwhelmed with the amount of change that was needed in my approach but Libby’s warm, friendly, methodical, pragmatic approach and practical observations have really made me feel more certain about how to move forward. I don’t feel on my own as a sole practitioner any more.

The result is that although my time was easily merging into nothing achieved, I now have a constructive way forward and am happily methodically knocking tasks on the head.

Helen Menges – Portrait and Landscape Artist

We were thrilled to have access to Libby and her strong background in sales and marketing. She challenged us to think outside of our comfort zone and beyond the boundaries we had created for ourselves. This helped us to engage our customers better and continue to keep our brand on their minds.

Denver Anderson – Corban Coffee

Working with Libby has really helped me to move forward with my business. I am a very creative person with lots of ideas and can easily become overwhelmed and stuck. Libby is great at helping me to break everything down, clarify what needs doing and prioritise it. She sends me to do lists to work through which give me much needed focus and has introduced me to several online tools which will help me to do what I need with ease.

I highly recommend Libby. She has enabled me to make my ideas a reality.


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