How to Stay Motivated: Chase the Excitement

2020 was a challenging year for all of us. 

We had to overcome a variety of issues internally and externally that we had no control over. Even if you kept on track, it was often hard to stay focused. 

Many people had to adjust to working in a different environment, with children and/or partners at home and a constant barrage of negative news and misinformation. Add to this, other factors that over-complicated our every-day lives and it’s understandable that productivity and motivation slipped. 

So, how can we overcome this throughout 2021? 

The answer: chase the excitement!

So, what can we do and how can we think, to help us chase the excitement?

Consider these 3 factors:

  1. What do you love to do in your business?

What are you doing when you’re in that fully immersed state of flow, where hours can go by and feel like minutes? The adrenaline surging and excitement spurring you on means you love what you’re doing. Really think about what sparks this feeling and build more of that into 2021. It could be team meetings, one-to-one sessions, project planning, creating – whatever makes you tick.

  1. How do you love to do it?

Maybe it’s not only what you’re doing that you love, but how you’re doing it, when you’re in the zone

Don’t just consider the tasks you love, but the methods you use. What is the preferred method that helps you to feel in flow? Everyone has a different favoured technique, whether it’s online notes, using a particular technology or software, a mapping tool or just pen and paper. Figure out how you most enjoy going about your work. You may be most motivated by results, but it’s harder to be excited about that if the process to get there is stifling – so be sure to choose the methods that suit you best, that keep you excited. No one can tell you if these methods are right or wrong if they work for you.


  1. Who do you love to work with?

Work with the people you want to work with! Think about who you work with best on your team, or is there someone you’ve been dreaming to collaborate with.  Surrounding yourself with those who motivate you will keep you excited to work.

Are you working with your IDEAL client?  What can you do to attract these specific people?  Where are they, how can you reach them and build meaningful relationships?

Do you need to say ‘no’ to those who drain your energy or who have unrealistic expectations?

Once you’ve pinned down the activities, methods and people that get your creative juices flowing or your work mojo on full speed, schedule in the exciting projects and utilise the methods you favour to help you progress your goals.

Planning your time daily, weekly or monthly means that as your year goes on, you’ll be consistently motivated and inspired. You’ll be eager to get up in the morning because you won’t see work as a chore but as stimulating, exciting!  Planning can be super creative, give you more flexibility and let you do more of what you love. If you plan in the things that excite you, you’ve got projects to look forward to. You’re taking control and reducing wasted time, giving yourself more time to work on the stuff you do enjoy.

Productivity is key. The less productive we are, the less time we have to make the good things happen!  Contrary to some people’s beliefs, productivity is certainly not dull and boring but exciting because it gives us choice and control over what we’re doing. It’s a vehicle for expanding our businesses and growing as people. 

Be realistic about the time you have available and make the most of it! You have the time, it’s your choice how and when you use it, so why not fill it with excitement? Of course, you’ll have the odd day where things don’t go well, but if you plan in the excitement you’ve got the motivation to get back on track the next day. Having the framework of inspiring work in place will make it easier to get back up to speed, avoiding the procrastination that can creep in when the going gets tough.  You’ll pick yourself back up and just get on with it. 

Perfect your go-to techniques and systemise – make it easy to get excited and it will make a huge difference to your productivity levels.

So note down these three things:

  1. The work tasks you look forward to most.
  2. Techniques and tech you love using.
  3. The types of clients you enjoy working with most.

Go forth this year with excitement!

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