Harnessing The Power and Intelligence of Your Three Brains: A Guide for Women Entrepreneurs

Are you using all three of your beautiful brains to run a truly authentic small business? No, you didn’t misread that – we’re talking about three brains, not just one!

So grab your favourite cup of tea (or coffee) and let’s explore how you can tap into the power of your 3 powerful neural networks to navigate the exciting but sometimes overwhelming world of entrepreneurship.

Now, you might be thinking, “Wait, I thought I only had one brain.”

Well, science has shown that in fact you have 3 brains in your body, not just the head brain that is what comes to mind when we think about our brain.

And ancient wisdom has been fully aware of these multiple brains for thousands of years.

Beyond the obvious head brain, we’ve got two other “brains” – our heart brain and our gut brain. And when you learn how to align these three areas of intelligence, you’ll be equipped to run an authentic small business that feels easier, simpler and more inspiring than you ever imagined.

Intrigued? You should be!

Let’s start with the head – the logical, analytical brain that loves to crunch numbers, make meaning,  think, and come up with strategic plans. This brain comes into its own when setting targets, creating budgets, and mapping out your business strategy. But here’s the thing: while your head is incredibly smart, it’s not the only brain you use when doing your best work and living your best life.

Next, we’ve got the heart brain – the emotional centre that guides us with emotion and passion, makes meaningful connections to others and guides us according to our values. This brain is all about connecting with the why behind your business. When you tune into your heart, you’ll make decisions that feel authentic and aligned with who you are at your core. So, lead with your heart first, and make sure to keep checking in with your heart’s intelligence to ensure that you’re decisions feel good.

Your heart will keep you true to yourself.


Last but certainly not least, we’ve got the gut – the instinctual brain that operates on gut feelings and primal instincts. The brain that knows who you truly are aka your core identity.

This brain senses opportunities, detects risks and keeps you safe. When you learn to trust your gut, you’ll make bold moves with confidence, knowing that you’re following your instincts every step of the way.

And you’ll have the courage to take action!

The magic happens: when you learn to balance and integrate these three brains.

When you can do this, you’ll unlock a whole new level of success in your business. Instead of relying solely on logic or emotions, you’ll tap into a holistic approach that honours your head, heart, and gut in equal measure.

So how exactly do you put this into practice?

First, if we’re going to effectively communicate with our 3 brains, we need  a calm nervous system, and as breathing has direct connection to your emotional state (think about how you feel when you’re panicking or anxious and your breathing rate goes up compared to when it’s slow and steady when you’re relaxed, calm and happy), we use the balanced breathing technique to bring you into balance.

In this balanced state we can respond quite differently to whatever is presented to us – challenges, questions, tasks, decision making.

We have a heightened sense of inner awareness, and we become become more attuned to the signals coming from our three brains.

Now we are ready to tap into our multiple brain’s intelligence, we can release their wisdom by following the mBraining process to embrace the creativity of your head, the compassion of your heart, and the courage of your gut, and watch as you and your business flourish in ways you never thought possible.

Becoming an HBO – a Happy Business Owner

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